Best Vacuum for Pet Hair for the Dog and Cat Owner

I’d like to get a new vacuum that’d be good for just vacuuming hardwood floors and rugs for mainly dog and cat hair, and then just your everyday dirt, etc.
I’ve read a lot of the miele’s aren’t so great, and the specific pet one is pretty expensive. I’d ideally like to stay in the 200-300 range at most. Thanks for any advice.

It all depends on what kind you want, canister, or upright. The brand is simple, Riccar. They are beasts, and made in the USA. I used to work for a carpet cleaning buisness. The vacuums that we used were Riccars, and best vacuum for pet hair, getting used a half dozen times a day.

You cannot get one of the “better” vacuums at the price point unless you research brands/model numbers and hit up eBay. I split the difference based on the vacuum guy’s advice and my shorter budget and got a Miele S7 upright brand new for ~$380 shipped from the AAFES website and its a whore and a half.

We have a dyson. I know they get a lot of hate and probably don’t vacuum as thoroughly as some other brands but ours is ~5 years old used at least weekly often more and still is a beast at vacuuming up hair on the first pass. So far it has handled a variety of hair and even been lent out to help suck up friends pet hair too. Recently we acquired a carpet shampooer and the combination works pretty well. I sincerely doubt it is a bifl item though but it does help.
I’m not sure about bifl or even models anymore I guess they have dropped in quality quite a bit over the last few years but ours still works just fine.

I have a Dyson Animal and I love it. It’s actually my second Dyson, I ‘lost’ the first one in a divorce, and haven’t had a problem with either. While the warranty may only be 5 years, they will service a machine for life (they won’t discontinue replacement parts). If you do decide on a Dyson, I suggest buying it from Costco. Dyson also sells refurbs.

Aside from tips on a vacuum already covered by other redditors, there is one more thing to consider: help your dog shed less.
Use a powerful skin/hair supplement. My favorite is Linatone Shed Relief, available at, and Petco I think. I have seen this transform many dogs’ coats.
Don’t over-bathe your dog. No more than once every 3-4 weeks, unless your dog is stinky or greasy. Use cool or even cold water (hot water dries out skin and hair) and a very gentle/natural shampoo (Johnson & Johnson oatmeal shampoo for babies is great). Apply a conditioner if you like for an added boost.
Brush regularly, and always outside for your girlfriend’s benefit. Regularly could mean every 2 weeks or every day depending on the breed. You can apply a conditioning spray daily or after brushing for another added boost.
All of these tips are focused on maximizing your dog’s skin and coat health which decreases shedding. Results will take 4-8 weeks to be noticeable, but it’s totally worth it. Shedding will be minimized and you’ll have the shiniest and softest dog on the block. Best of luck!
PS – Be sure to have your dog on a good dog food too. It’s easier for a healthy dog to have healthy skin and hair.